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Al Jazeera O2 Everywhere

Al Jazeera O2 is a platform that provides factual entertainment video content which appeals to the younger Arabic-speaking audience. Until our previous social media strategy, we treated YouTube as our main channel. It was the only offered source for viewing our full episodes. Yet, that changed in October 2011 with the launch of our campaign “Al Jazeera O2 Everywhere”. This change stemmed from our belief that access to our content is the right of everyone, everywhere. Audiences differ based on the social channel. Al Jazeera O2 offers a taste to everyone from whimsical, medical, conspiracy, musical, sports, business, scientific, entrepreneurship, political, educational, comedy, to business shows. We believe that our audience is the centre, the target and the source of our knowledge. After applying this new strategy our viewership and audience increased tremendously.