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    Bre Michelle

    ♡ Helping you shift your mindset, create a life you love, and develop a deeper love for yourself✨

    • Complimentary Self Love Hypnosis

      Complimentary Self Love Hypnosis

    • Clarity + Goal Setting Workbook

      Clarity + Goal Setting Workbook

      This workbook guides you to gain profound clarity on your priorities and turn aspirations into achievable goals.

    • Complimentary "Best Self Bundle"

      Four-step morning ritual, EFT tapping for confidence, and mirror work affirmations for self love.

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      Hypnosis, EFT Tapping, or Clarity

    • Becoming Your Best Self PDF Digital Workbook Journal

      Becoming Your Best Self PDF Digital Workbook Journal

      Becoming Your Best Self Workbook is a guide for anyone who would like to feel happier and more fulfilled in their life. The workbook will help you develop a new point of view and change your mindset. You will learn to discover your inner self, love who you are and know your inner worth, recognize and unleash your full potential, set goals that match your values and see them come to fruition by making a plan and breaking them down into action steps. When you complete this workbook, you will have gained new insights about yourself as well as plan for success at achieving all of your goals plus more! This 7 part workbook includes 50+ journaling prompts, self love exercises, affirmations, self limiting belief mindset shifts, goal setting, goal planning, self analysis, and inspirational quotes. By using this workbook, you will begin to: 1- Develop the willpower you need to let go of the things that no longer serve you. 2- Let go of negative emotions that are not serving you well (i.e. fear, shame, guilt). 3- Feel empowered to make choices for yourself that lead to a happy and fulfilled life. 4- Fully embrace your flaws and recognize areas of opportunity. 5- Learn how to love yourself and create a life you love. This workbook would make the perfect gift for someone who wants to start a self love journey or someone who wants to go deeper on their current journey to self love and self discovery. Workbook will be immediately shared with you upon purchase. It's a PDF file that can be filled in using a PDF editor or printed out. No returns due to the digital format. Absolutely no copies or redistribution allowed for this workbook. This is owned by Bre Michelle.

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