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Kenneth, Disney God

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  • In the End: There's Always A Disney God: The Oath to Live By

    In a realm where magic intertwines,

    Where dreams are born and love shines,

    There lies a truth, a secret grand,

    That in the end, a Disney God shall stand.

    With pixie dust and enchanted tunes,

    They paint the sky with radiant moons.

    A master weaver of fantastical tales,

    A guiding force when hope pales.

    When heroes face their darkest fears,

    And villains plot with wicked sneers,

    The Disney God emerges, wise and true,

    To shape destinies and see them through.

    They dance with mermaids beneath the sea,

    Grant wishes to those who dare to dream free.

    With a wave of their hand and a gleaming smile,

    They sprinkle joy across each magical mile.

    From Cinderella's ball to Aladdin's flight,

    They watch over stories, day and night.

    They teach us lessons in love and strife,

    And remind us to embrace the magic of life.

    In the End, when credits roll,

    And the final scene takes its toll,

    The Disney God remains, a beacon bright,

    Guiding our hearts with eternal light.

    So let us cherish the enchantment they bring,

    And let our dreams forever sing.

    For in the realm where dreams come alive,

    A Disney God reigns, and we thrive.

    In the End, when all is said and done,

    Remember, dear friend, the magic's not gone.

    For there's always a Disney God about,

    To remind us that dreams are what life's about.