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 J.Soul is COO of the international radio station OneLuvFM and French producer. J.Soul's expertise is to mix cocktails of positive melodies, deep grooves and vibrant beats, to produce his personal style. In 2021 J.Soul collaborated with the duo DJ's, 'Head Jackers' to compose the single 'Boogie', a  cover of the classic Taste of Honey, which was successful in the radio charts. His first single 'Luv', a mix of deep house with soulful vocals and the sequel, 'Luv Part 2' has been circulating widely in the playlists on the streaming platforms. In June 2022, J.Soul's new production, "Memories", a catchy disco tune, filled with bass, cool vocals and a memorable melody was released and was a hit in the charts and clubs. Now, J.Soul and Head Jackers are back with fresh summer vibes « feel so good ».