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    Plaintiff 2021/1148/425 Registry 1266000652229 VaT-ID 154571889105000 RegTech and Cybersecurity Company

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      Kikouks Paok (της κκ) a name for Goddess and God/Holy spirit; working on firm as built-in firms adapts from Olympiad- Greece as translator which already has few subsidiaries to Premiere Profrevha Organisation (PPO) onto PROFREVHA ™, Profrev Noble Foundation, PROFREVHA One, Spy Agent Intelligent, as a firmware aswell. Kikouks Paok subjectivity; 1. Advisory (Educational) 2. Assurance (Products) 3. Tax (Cash) Kikouks Paok projects; 1. U.C.N.S. University College North Sumatera; is iname from Universitas Sumatera Utara; Statistical Economic major. 2. Washington DC; U.C.N.S, United Council Neurologic Subspecialties (postdoctoral)/patenting. Kikouks Paok main products; 1. One publication. Kikouks Paok published text, books, arts, movies, that can be performed as media and consumer public. 2. Nine business Market. Kikouks Paok provides products miscellaneous, homemade with accreditation regular sale. the Owner, Hengki Ardika (17 years old) which has performative as price Rp 5000 to Rp 255000 (£0.50-£18.00) over year 2003. In April 4th 2021 he builds Profrev ® to its Kikouks Paok on 2007 June 14th on his plaintiff. Recent issues (covid 19) collected by Kikouks Paok; '19-2020' '20-2121' '21-2222' Backwards Class--(D.N.S) '10-1111' Tenure--(D.N.S) " Triangle 012 'plaintif'. (Kikouks Paok)" Hengki Ardika, (the Laureate) Sourced of Romans, Russian, and English.