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    TikTok Shop Monthly Challenge

    TikTok Shop Monthly Challenge


    Start Making $$ on TikTok Shop AND have me hold you accountable in my new Challenge!

    Challenge participants will get insider info on what products are selling the best for me & all my best tips for making videos that sell! I share my daily analytics and don't gatekeep ANYTHING!

    Want someone to guide you along the way? If so, Join This Challenge!

    In This Challenge We Will:

    • Pitch TikTok Shop Sellers Daily

    • Learn best-practices for creating viral videos

    • Learn how to leverage our sales data to get paid deals

    • Engage daily with other creators & brands on Twitter to get more deals

      There are 4 different levels of this challenge that offer different benefits from access to my TikTok Shop pitching guides, 1:1 mentoring with me, and access to win exclusive prizes (Cash & Gifts!)

      I recommend at least getting the silver tier of the membership so that you have access to our training sessions! Get the Gold level or above if you want private 1:1 sessions with me :) Get The diamond level if you want access to my phone number!


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