• Emotional Hygiene Journal: Feel. Process. Release. Receive.

    Emotional Hygiene Journal: Feel. Process. Release. Receive.

    Step-by-Step System to Shift From “Negative” Emotions to High Vibrations

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Emotional Hygiene Journal (Digital)


This process changed my LIFE. Our emotions and our bodies are inextricably linked, and in order to really process and release the gunk that we want to get rid of, we have to be willing to involve the body and engage the nervous system.

Have you ever seen a toddler have a fullblown tantrum and then go right back to being happy dappy when they’re done hurling themselves about? That’s because expressing emotions with our bodies is innate to our humanity until it is socialized out of us in favor of “appropriate behavior”.

But what’s more appropriate than having a healthy mind, body and soul? I can’t think of a more worthy intention.

I invite you into the opportunity to explore your inner world and emotional expression in a gentle, healthy and safe way.

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