Heal your sleep with this 10-day audio course. In order to heal our wounds, and do the work we need to do in order to change our lives, we need more than personal guidance, we also need to rest well, but what does it mean ? 40% of the population has some form of sleep disorders. What you’ll learn : Sleep is science. In this training, we'll learn that it must be approached holistically for sustainable medium and long-term results. I will give you all the solutions, tips, and what I have learned and implemented over the years to overcome my own sleep problems. You will learn that the resolution of sleep disorders follows 4 main steps, which we will cover: First is understanding sleep. Second is awareness of false and limiting beliefs. Third is managing emotions. Fourth is practical training and bedtime routine. We will talk about lifetime transformation, so the elements of the training will be easy to incorporate into your daily schedule. You don't need to worry. Learning to sleep is easy if the intention and the practice are there. So, join me in sleeping better, and start your journey to a restorative and natural sound sleep today. At the end of each of the 10 sessions, you'll have access to a practice that will help you to integrate what you'll learn and to help you get a well deserve sleep. I recommend you do one session per day. Enjoy !

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  • Course overview


    Course overview

    The best way to know what to expect from this course, is to listen to the audio presentation. See you on the course!

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  • Lesson 7 Tools to fall asleep - Brain entrainment and hypnosis


    Lesson 7 Tools to fall asleep - Brain entrainment and hypnosis

    Tools For Falling Asleep: Brainwave Entrainment Today, as well as in sessions 8 and 9, we will discover tools and techniques designed to induce a very deep relaxation conducive to falling asleep. In this session, I talk about brainwave entrainment and hypnosis. Theta waves correspond to the hypnotic state, a state of very deep relaxation in which the patient is brought by a professional to deep sleep, for therapeutic purposes. The final meditation is a musical composition containing theta waves, as well as binaural sounds.

  • Lesson 10 Conclusion and last minute tips


    Lesson 10 Conclusion and last minute tips

    Conclusion & Final Recommendations Welcome to the last day of the training called "Conclusion And Final Recommendations", where we summarize what we learned and recall the most important points. In the end, I also give you a last-minute tip to help you manage your sleep. We end with a piece of sound therapy music that, if you listen to it before you go to sleep, will plunge you into a state of plenitude and make you fall asleep. Thank you for taking the training with me. I am available at any time in the virtual classroom to answer your questions.

  •  Lesson 6 Sleep preparation an all-day-process


    Lesson 6 Sleep preparation an all-day-process

    Sleep Preparation Is A Day-Long Process Today, we will learn tips and methods that can be started as soon as you jump out of bed. Some of them obvious to some people, some less known to others. We learn that sleep is a process that starts during the day and, I would say, as soon as we get up. The final meditation is a gratitude practice. It is perfect for starting the day well and also to end it gently, which is important in managing rest.

  • Lesson 8 Tools to fall asleep sound therapy


    Lesson 8 Tools to fall asleep sound therapy

    Tools For Falling Asleep: Sound Therapy Lately, we have been talking about binaural sounds, as well as theta and delta waves, which are efficient for falling asleep. Today, we will see that sound has been used for thousands of years for therapeutic purposes and has developed into a discipline called sound healing or therapy. When it is used for purely relaxing purposes, it is referred to as "sound relaxation". I personally think it is the same and I will explain why. Today our final meditation is a musical composition of sound healing, containing popular instruments such as singing or Tibetan bowls, bells, chimes, and more.

  • Lesson 3 Stress and sleep


    Lesson 3 Stress and sleep

    Stress & Sleep Welcome to Day 3 of the course, where we discuss the vast and delicate subject of stress and its connection to sleep problems. When we are under stress, our bodies have difficulty managing external pressures, whether mental or physical. Today we are laying the groundwork for understanding about all the possible ramifications of stress and their role in our ability to fall asleep. I suggest you take a notebook and a pen during our final practice, during which we will try to discover and put forward the reasons for our disorders in order to begin the healing process.

  • Lesson 2 Sleep a friend dedicated to your highest good


    Lesson 2 Sleep a friend dedicated to your highest good

    Sleep: A Friend Dedicated To Your Highest Good We will learn more about the different phases that punctuate our nights in order to take a closer look at this vital phenomenon. Sleep thus appears as the price to pay to continue to evolve, but also and especially to stay alive. Sleep is a friend dedicated to your highest good, so it is important to give it the place it deserves in our lives by establishing a relationship based on attention and the implementation of actions that allow its improvement. Our final practice is a mindfulness session during which we invite sleep.

  • Lesson 1 Why is sleep so important


    Lesson 1 Why is sleep so important

    Why Is Sleep Important? We will see that although we cannot fully explain the mechanisms behind sleep, the negative effects of sleep deprivation are well-recognized. We spend an average of 8 hours a night sleeping or should I say, trying. But we still need to know how to manage our sleep and that is what you will discover in this training. To finish the session, we will do a breathing exercise that will allow our vital energy, called Qi, to circulate better in order to prepare for a good night's sleep.

  • Lesson 9 Natural remedies techniques and therapies


    Lesson 9 Natural remedies techniques and therapies

    Tools For Falling Asleep: Natural Remedies, Techniques & Therapies Today, we talk about natural remedies, techniques, and therapies to be practiced along with introspection and a holistic approach to changing one's life. There would be a lot to cover on this subject, so my goal is to provide you with a series of remedies and techniques that you will have the choice to study through your own in-depth research. This way, you will find out which ones appeal to you the most and are most suitable for you personally. Our final practice is a cardiac coherence exercise which is a tool for stress and emotion management, recognized since 2014 by the French Cardiology Federation as one of the simplest and most effective techniques to counter anxiety, which is often responsible for our bad nights.

  • Lesson 5 What to do and not to do right before sleep


    Lesson 5 What to do and not to do right before sleep

    What To Do Right Before Sleep After setting up an evening routine from dinner to bedtime, today we talk about the very moment we go to bed - just before closing our eyes - a crucial and difficult time for many of us. What actions need to be taken, in what order, and why are the questions we are answering today. The final meditation is a preparation for bedtime, which comes from yoga nidra, a deep sleep practice.

  • Lesson 4 Preparing for sleep bedtime routine


    Lesson 4 Preparing for sleep bedtime routine

    Preparing For Sleep: Bedtime Routine Now that we know more about the causes and consequences of a lack of sleep, we will be able to set up a routine in order to prepare ourselves every day to spend a pleasant and restorative night. Like an athlete, today is the day you decide to put in place an action plan and stick to it. I will help you with it. The final meditation is a mindfulness practice that helps to diminish the thoughts that keep us from enjoying the present moment and that keep us awake at night.

Audio Course : Heal your sleep, a Holistic approach to sound sleep

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