LESSON 1
    • Account I need- Exercise

      Account I need- Exercise

      Worksheet that tells you what accounts you need.

    • LESSON 2
    • Build my budget- Video

      Build my budget- Video

      In this 5 minute video you will get the tools you need to set up your new budget.

    • Build my budget- Exercise

      Build my budget- Exercise

      Worksheet that walks you through the process of building your budget and allows you access to my exclusive Wealth Workbook to track and manage spending.

    • LESSON 3
    • Money Dates- Video

      Money Dates- Video

      In this 1 minute video you'll learn how to manage your money throughout the month and how to set money dates.

    • Money Dates- Exercise

      Money Dates- Exercise

      This worksheet gives you a checklist for your money and paydates.

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    Course 3: Control My Money


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