Book 1:1 calls with Snipfeed

Allow followers to book 1 on 1 calls, online consultations, and exclusive meetings with you, monetize your content, and organize your schedule by syncing your Google Calendar. Easy.

Sell 1:1s on Snipfeed

Personally meet your fans

Offer personalized services

Imagine a world where you can earn money by jumping on a call. The possibilities for running your online biz with 1:1's are endless - coaching, audits, advice, consultations, meet & greets, and more.

Sync to your Google Calendar

Instead of using consultation and coaching software platforms, allow followers to purchase time with you and sync your Google calendar to ensure you never miss a meeting.

Set your availability

Manage your time by only allowing followers to book in meetings with you at specific times. Set your weekly availability easily on Snipfeed to avoid having to reschedule.

Get paid for your time

It takes time responding to each individual enquiry on socials. Use Snipfeed's 1:1 feature to dedicate time for fans who need your expertise and perspective.

Try 1:1s yourself

How Sean uses the Snipfeed 1:1 feature to offer personal coaching sessions and audits.

Sean is a content creator, creative director and founder of SM social, a social media coaching biz. She's truly cracked the secret to making income using 1:1s on her Snipfeed page - setting online consultation discovery calls with brands and even coaching sessions with other aspiring creators.

Start offering consulations

Make time especially for followers

Discovery calls

Offer consultations and conversations to help you run your online biz

Education sessions

Run exclusive coaching sessions to help share your knowledge and offer value.

Meet and greet

Let loyal fans book in time to meet you 1 on 1 and chat with you personally.

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