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Sell exclusive content

Offer downloadable products

Make your most profitable digital product ideas a reality. Sell all your online offerings and downloadble content links in one place.

Earn passive income

Upload any file with Snipfeed and earn while you sleep. Selling digital downloads is one of the best ways to make money on social media.

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Allow followers to discover something new. Share knowledge and skills at any price point. Sell exclusive, never-seen-before gated content to keep fans engaged.

Sell absolutely anything

Make your most profitable digital product ideas a reality. Upload anything and start selling from videos, online learning courses, digital artwork, downloadable guides, and more.

Personalized email confirmations

Add your own custom thank you email for customers to receive via email after purchase.

How Margarita sells exclusive content to unlock new streams of passive income

Margarita Nazarenko built an engaged community across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube where she posts about feminine energy, self development, and shares lifestyle content. Margarita used the Exclusive Content monetization feature to launch a her '20 FEMININE ENERGY PRINCIPLES MASTERCLASS' - a one hour video packed with valuable tips for her following.

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"When I tell you that snipfeed was the best move ever for my socials, it doesn’t begin to describe how good it is. Not only is it simply perfect for content creators who need a link for bookings, exclusive and monetisable content, and so much more, but my video calls with Tyler have become moments I look forward to. Snipfeed is not just another link in your bio, it’s way more than that."



"I have been offering spiritual readings through Snipfeed for just over a year now, and I have absolutely LOVED it. The Pro version provides me with my own website domain, along with drastically reduced fees and numerous other business-oriented features. I truly don’t think I could be as successfully self-employed as an astrologer as I am without Snipfeed."

Joshua Pingley


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Portrait of Chelsea Star

Chelsea Star


Sell any digital product on Snipfeed

Video courses

Sell masterclasses and video courses using Snipfeed's Exclusive Content monetization feature: the ultimate way to offer value. Use this opportunity to share skills and knowledge you haven't before.

Digital artwork

Earn from your creativity and sell exlcusive artwork and visuals. From artists selling wallpapers to UGC coaches offering downloadable content calendars - sell something exclusive.

Ebooks and guides

The perfect extention to your social media content. Use tools like Canva to build resources for your community to learn from you. Upload any file type from PDFs to documents.

Audio files

For all creators from teachers to music artists and tarot readers to spiritual creators (or anyone with a voice to be heard!) to offer personalized exclusive content for followers to download and listen on the go.

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