Set up your digital tip jar with Snipfeed

Allow followers to show their support and appreciation for your content - consistently turning up for your community is hard work! Accept tips online by adding a donations panel to your Snipfeed page.

Add a tip jar

Let fans show their support

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Accept tips online

Allow followers to show their support for your content with one time or monthly donations.

Set a goal for a specific project

If you're raising funds for something specific - create a custom donation panel that shows how close you are to reaching that goal.

Highlight supporters

Shoutout fans who have tipped on your Snipfeed page by showcasing a live feed of donations.

Collect for causes together

Use your tipping jar to collect money so you and your community can collectively champion specific causes close to your heart.

How Stella Lumina uses the tipping jar to fund her next albums

Songstress, healer, teacher and creator Stella Lumina has built a community around her music. She uses her digital tipping jar to fundraise money to support her new albums, giving fans the chance to contribute to the success of the music she releases next. She displays the notes followers leave with their donations and showcases the project goal on her Snipfeed page.

Try tipping for yourself

What are creators saying about the tipping feature?

Find out how Snipfeed creators are using the tipping feature to engage fans and raise funds.

"I love the ease of consumer use for the tipping feature (for both me and for my customers), so fast and simple. Tipping encourages people to support my business, makes them feel included."

Jodie Divine


Use your tip jar to grow your business, accept support, and level up your content

Monthly recurring donations

Give followers the choice to pay a tip to support you and your content on a regular basis.

One-off tips

Accept one-off tips for followers who visit your page and want to show an act of kindness. For example, you might set up a "buy me a coffee" jar.

Display a tipping progress bar

If you've got a specific goal in mind, set a goal for your digital tipping jar so followers can see how far away you are.

Earn passive income

Set up your tipping jar in minutes on your Snipfeed page and your work is done - ensure your Snipfeed page is linked on your socials and you could be getting tips while you sleep!

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