Snipfeed Q&A feature: sell shoutouts easily

Send personalized videos, audio, and text responses with Snipfeed's Q&A feature. Go beyond Q&A's on TikTok and Instagram shoutouts and start earning.

Offer Q&As

Get paid to engage

Send personalized responses

Set up a Q&A box on your Snipfeed page to allow fans to purchase personalized responses from you. Use Q&As for fan shoutouts and reply in your own time.

Manage your time

It's impossible to respond to all comments and messages on social media. Manage your workload and personalized content easily in-app.

Reward loyalty

The ultimate way to thank followers for their dedication to your content is taking the time to respond personally (and earn while you do it)

Offer services

Personalized Q&As are the perfect hybrid between 1:1 calls and shoutouts. Create your responses to serve specific solutions for your followers like audits, coaching, advice, and much more.

How Katie Maike uses Q&A's to sell life coaching and personal reading services.

TikTok creator, intuitive life coach and psychic medium Katie Maike has curated a collection of personalized video requests on her Snipfeed page using the Q&A feature. Katie offers several types of coaching and readings that differ in length and price so there's something for all her community.

Try it yourself

Respond to questions in any digital format

Get talking

Send audio responses to answer questions and give personalized shoutouts for dedicated fans

Type your response

Answer questions related to your niche - for example, coaching, advice, tarot reading, and more.

Hit record

Record videos especially for your followers to offer a service, answer questions in depth, or give special shoutouts.

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