Turn your knowledge and expertise into interactive online courses

From business classes to workout guides, get paid to share what you know with online courses. Turn your skills and knowledge into lessons and profits in no time.

Create your online course

Structure your content into lessons

Drag-and-drop your course structure with ease, upload a video introduction for potential leads to demonstrate it's value and create an easy to follow curriculum in minutes

Track your students’ progress

Provide value to customers by adding content to your course periodically and check in with clients along the way

Make learning fun: upload any content format

Share your knowledge using videos, pdf worksheets, images, spreadsheets - anything.

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It’s never been simpler for creators to start teaching their audience something new with online courses

@maritza.artola generates online courses easily using the AI Desk to generate ideas, Canva to start creating course content, and Snipfeed to seamlessly upload her lessons to start selling in seconds.

Cultivate a community

Easily add bonus content every month to keep students engaged

Create courses accessible to everyone

Create beginner to expert courses with different price tickets

A 360 learning experience

Provide real value by including links to coaching services mixed with useful resources

Collect reviews from your students to grow your community of clients (and your sales)

Let social proof do the selling for you with testimonials and star ratings easily with the Snipfeed reviews feature