Online coaching creators: make an income selling skills online

Sell coaching packages, consultations, learning sessions, digital educational resources, guides, and resources all from Snipfeed - the app loved by coaching creators across the web.

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Sharing skills (and earning) made easy

On Snipfeed, you can provide a range of resources to organize your schedule and start making passive income through using the suite of monetization features.

Integrate and go

Access features such as Zapier for automating your workflow, run your meetings and consultations via Zoom and Google Meets, and sync your Google calendar to keep organized.

Easily set up your services and offerings

Curate coaching packages for your followers that set them up for success. Choose from a range of content to offer (digital products, 1:1 calls, livestreams) and offer clients pay later options.

The best ways to make money coaching on Snipfeed

See what's working right now for other coaching creators like you. Pick a monetization feature to get started with below and start earning passive income while focusing on your content and engaging your community.

Q&A responses

Get paid to send coaching video or audio responses to your followers' questions or requests. This is a great way to share knowledge without having to meet.

1:1 coaching calls

Allow your followers to book 1:1 coaching sessions with you - the best way to give customers individual, personalized support. Sync to your Google Calendar to make sure you never miss a call.

Digital Products

Create coaching and educational resources to sell on your page: guides, courses, exclusive videos, templates, planners and more.