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Access features such as Zapier for automating your workflow, run your consultations and online events via Zoom and Google Meets, and sync your Google calendar to keep your schedule organized.

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Provide everything your community needs to follow your advice and lead a healthier lifestyle. You can choose from digital products (guides, exclusive videos, equipment lists etc) and charge to meet with your fans virtually to share your expertise.

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See what Snipfeed features are selling for other health and wellness creators in your niche and start your passive income journey.

Personal coaching calls

Use the 1:1 feature and paid to answer health questions or send personalized videos, action plans, and advice to your community. Learn more here.

Livestream events

Sell tickets to livestreams and host virtual or IRL fitness and nutrition classes, or sell tickets to any type of health event. Discover the feature here.

Digital Health Products

Sell workout guides, nutrition plans and courses, cook books, mental health resources, and other digital content to start selling while you sleep. Learn more.