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Let’s hit refresh…

So we got a new look.

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L'astrologie à l'ère des réseaux sociaux
Everything You Need to Know About the IG Story Algorithm

So is the person that views your story first really your #1 fan? Let’s discuss.

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Top Tips For Going LIVE on TikTok

Our favorite tools and tips on how to go LIVE on TikTok!

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Snipfeed en français
How to make money through TikTok as a content creator in 2022

Let's talk about five ways creators can make money through TikTok!

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Flamme Snipfeed
Here Are the 5 Most Important TikTok Updates From the Past Months

In case you missed it.

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Monétiser son contenu
How to make money through your bio link (ahem, Snipfeed)…

Meet our 5 powerful monetization features.

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Financer vos projets
How to Monetize on Instagram Using Reels

Here's everything you may want to know about the Reels Play Bonus Program.

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Ressources pour coachs et indépendants
Top Tricks to Make Your Instagram Reel Go Viral

Here are 8 quick tips and tricks you can try out on your Instagram Reels!

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Meet Jeremiah Delore, a Young Makeup Artist Creating The Community He's Been Seeking

From makeup looks to learning how to stand your ground with negotiating brand deals.

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Cadena Snipfeed
How to Build A Loyal and Engaged Fanbase on TikTok

Our top seven tips for building a loyal fanbase on TikTok!

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Talking Julia Fox, Psycho Killers, and Astrology with Joshua Pingley

“I truly can’t believe that I’m turning 30 in April and am finally getting to do what I’ve wanted to do my entire life, which is be a content creator.”

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Meet Nancy Bullard, The Science Teacher with a Classroom of 3 Million

(and counting)

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Talking The Future of Food Content & Finding Your Niche with Chef Natasha Greene

News flash: The future is not the Food Network

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We Asked Gamer and Creator Corey Tonge What a "Sus Video" Was...

Talking Squid Games, Incorporating Suggestions from Followers, and Posting On YouTube Shorts

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Vivre de sa passion sur les réseaux sociaux
Understanding the TikTok Algorithm & How To Make That Video Go Viral

The key to being the next D'Amelio...

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Guide instagram
Talking First to Market Memes and Cultivating Community with Kay Haunani

“I posted something with Lizzo seconds after the MTV account posted, she shared it in her story...and I screamed.”

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Conseils instagram
How To Make Easy Earnings Through Our Referral Program

P.S. It’s a lot easier than you think.

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Meet “Wall Street’s Gossip Girl”

Scrolling through the stark black and white feed of the Instagram account Wall Street Confessions (“WSC”), a reader is quickly clued in to the darker side of the financial sector.

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Top Tips for Driving Sales on Snipfeed

Where to start with marketing your Snipfeed and increasing your sales.

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Snipfeed Raises $5.5M To Provide Creators One Place to Turn Passions into Livelihoods

We’re excited to share that we’ve recently raised a $5.5M seed round with investment from Charles River Ventures; Abstract Ventures; Ali Hamed at Crossbeam; id8; Michael Ovitz; Michael Bosstick Up North; Isai, Diaspora and First Capital.

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Cole Ports
How Astrologer Cole Prots Is Taking Over TikTok, One Roast at a Time

“Geminis, Googling something for five minutes doesn’t make you an expert.”

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How Author and Creator Rachel Havekost Is Making Social Media A Healthier Place

Just go to her comment section to see for yourself.

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