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Here Are the 5 Most Important TikTok Updates From the Past Months


In case you missed it.

TikTok is probably the fastest growing social platform in the world. That being said, to support and appease such a giant user base, the platform is constantly changing. In the past three months, there have been some major updates that we think you should know about. So let’s dive into it.

📘 Stories

Earlier this month, TikTok told TechCrunch that they're experimenting with a stories feature that appears to be very similar to Instagram and Snapchat. Within the camera feature, creators can share daily highlights that disappear after 24 hours. This is a pilot test so only a portion of TikTok creators have access to this feature as of early April 2022. TikTok has not announced if or when this feature will officially launch.

👀 Profile views

TikTok is currently working on a feature that allows users to see who has viewed their profile within the past 30 days. This feature is only available to those who also have this feature turned on, similar to LinkedIn. Users can also toggle this feature on and off. There has been talk of some creators that have been getting access to this feature, but overall it seems to be in pilot.

👛 Shopping & Checkout

In September, TikTok launched a shopping feature that makes it easy for users to purchase products discovered on TikTok by sending users directly to the online store for checkout. This is currently a pilot program and is offered in two forms: direct integration and partner integration. You can access TikTok Shopping Direct Integration through the seller center. TikTok Shopping Partner Integration has multiple ways to set up your storefront–Partner Platform Integration, Manual Integration, and API Integration. Read more about the benefits of the TikTok Shopping Partner Integration here.

📹 10-Minute Videos

Last year TikTok introduced us to 3-minute videos. Now we are expecting even longer form videos on the app. TikTok has recently confirmed that 10 minute video uploads are coming soon. Some users have expressed that they're not excited for this feature, as short form videos create higher engagement and long form videos are too difficult to edit in-app.  Meanwhile other creators say that long form videos is easier to monetize.

💸 Creator Marketplace API

TikTok created a collaboration platform to connect brands and creators, called the Creator Marketplace. Eligibility is based on age, follower count, type of video content, engagement, and must be a personal account. Creators must be invited to join or apply. After application, they are notified of acceptance or rejection. If rejected, a creator can re-apply after 30 days.

Once creators are accepted to the Creator Marketplace, they can update their profile with their rate for sponsored videos. There are two ways to be connected with brands– direct invite and open application.

Much like the discourse revolved around whether or not the Creator Fund shadowbans content, many creators are saying the same about Creator Marketplace API. One creator, Gubbatv, said that their views tanked after declining offers from brands using the creator marketplace. Another creator, Olivia Henry, said she hasn’t seen a decline in engagement since joining marketplace or declining two offers. She remains neutral on labeling her experience.

The ability for TikTok to evolve its platform at such a rapid pace shows its resilience to competition. TikTok’s new user growth rate is higher compared to other platforms, perhaps a result of the app's adaptability ★

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