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How to make money through your bio link (ahem, Snipfeed)…


Meet our 5 powerful monetization features.

Making enough stable income to be a full-time content creator can be very challenging, particularly if one has a smaller audience. But now with Snipfeed, there has never been an easier way for creators of all sizes to generate significant revenue.

Snipfeed is a one-stop monetization platform built inside a bio link that helps creators seamlessly monetize their content. With Snipfeed, you can sell all of your offerings (anything from consultations to exclusive podcast episodes) from one page. How does this work? Aside from being a customizable bio link, Snipfeed also makes monetization extremely easy for creators of any size on TikTok, allowing creators the ability to build a storefront directly on top of their social media.

Our monetization features offer fans the ability to tip their fav creator, join their livestream, buy their exclusive content, purchase a 1:1 meeting with them or get sent expert advice from the creator. If you're a creator, familiarize yourself with Snipfeed’s features to make the most out of monetizing online 🚀

🔑 Exclusive Content

After setting up your Snipfeed page and connecting to Stripe or Paypal (a necessary step so that you can start earning money from your page), you can post your content and start monetizing it right away. Some content creators that use the exclusive content feature will include recipes, classes, books/audiobooks, guides and more. Check out how some creators are using our exclusive content feature below.

@gabidemartino is selling a course on her top life lessons.@emmycombs is selling makeup tutorials.@queercosmos is selling guides to astrology through Snipfeed.@sunnymfmoney sells PDF guides and access to exclusive newsletters.

💸 Tipping

Snipfeed also offers a tip jar feature that allows followers to support you. If you have particularly devoted followers, you can even encourage them to sign up for a tipping subscription, a program that will allow the follower to automatically send you tips on a monthly basis. People who send you a tip, either a one-time payment or monthly subscription, will also have the ability to send you a personalized message and have the option to make the message public or private.

Here are a few ways our Snipfeed users customize their tip button:

Credit: @gabidemartinoCredit: @katjagliesonCredit: @whitneycatalanoCredit: @joshuapingley

🤝 1:1

Another cool feature Snipfeed offers is 1:1 meetings! This allows creators the chance to chat and meet with followers or clients through one-to-one interactions. People will be able to send you a request and you then have the ability to accept or deny the request based on your availability. For example, many of our spiritual creators use this feature for personalized readings and finance and fitness experts often offer coaching sessions via 1:1s.  But these are only a few ways users make use of this feature, feel free to customize your 1:1s however you want!

Credit: @jkitscole

📹 Livestream

Snipfeed also offers you the ability to sell tickets to livestreams, and host livestreams, all through our platform. All you’ll have to do is set a price, schedule a time, and decide what you’d like to discuss.

❓ Q&As

Q&As are essential for connecting with your audience on a deeper level. Like 1:1s, this feature allows you to speak with your followers or clients directly; however, unlike 1:1s, this is not a live interaction. The follower or client will send a question or request and you can respond via a video, voice message or text. Many creators also use this feature to provide personalized shoutouts!

@jeffkallil offers advice and guidance to his clients@taelorb provides personalized wellness advice@katjaglieson offers personalized advice and shoutouts

We recommend sitting down and strategizing around what monetization tools make sense for your business. The more you add, the higher your earning potential will be!

Don't forget to have fun creating your page. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by contacting us via Instagram DM or emailing us at [email protected] 🥳

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