Introducing Memberships: Success backed by your community


As small businesses, you understand the importance of nurturing your community and building lasting connections. Introducing memberships for creators - new to Snipfeed.

Meet Snipfeed’s Memberships tool, allowing your community to invest in your success, giving you recurring income and lasting engagement with your audience.

With a range of dynamic features, you can now effortlessly create tiered memberships to cater to your unique audience, providing them with exclusive content, personalized interactions, gated services, and special events. 

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Why memberships? 

Many creators kick off their journey by delivering content-rich newsletters and services through subscriptions, fostering a continuous cycle of improvement - so we figured it was time to give you a method that is user-friendly, easy to set up and simple to maintain. 

Here’s what’s in it for you:

  • Unlocking Exclusive Content

Prominent creators offer various membership tiers, granting access to select content. Paying members enjoy exclusive perks, enriching the subscriber experience.

  • Effortless Business Expansion

Scale your content business seamlessly with Snipfeed. Attract more subscribers while demonstrating value, all with consistent workloads, be it one or a thousand subscribers.

  • Steady monthly income

Opt for Snipfeed subscriptions for financial clarity. Forecast your monthly earnings, concentrate on customer acquisition, and provide annual memberships for upfront payments.

Tailored membership tiers:

Snipfeed's Memberships allow you to create customized tiers that cater to the diverse needs of your community. 

Create content for them all. Whether that’s offering the ultimate experience for super fans and experts, or providing exclusive updates for more casual supporters wanting to stay in the loop, you can offer tiered membership options to match every level of enthusiasm for your content (and budget to spend).

Exclusive content and personalized interactions:

Engage your subscribers on a personal level by offering exclusive content that can't be found anywhere else. 

Whether it's in-depth tutorials, video guides, never-seen-before ebooks, or members-only Q&A sessions and 1:1 consultations, Snipfeed makes it simple to create a space where your most dedicated fans can connect with you directly.

You have the freedom to add whatever content you like, whenever you want.

Flexibility to add value: whenever, how ever you like

With Snipfeed's Memberships, you have the freedom to add content to your membership tiers, whenever you want. This flexibility allows you to keep your offerings fresh and exciting, ensuring your members stay invested in the long run.

Promising regularly updated content and perks every month adds to the value of your tiers and keeps members coming back and staying subscribed.

Gated services and special events:

Provide unique services and events for your members, creating a sense of belonging and value. Invite members to private community servers, offer webinars, workshops, or one-on-one consultations to make your members feel truly special and engaged.

Discounted first month *coming soon*:

To kickstart your membership journey, Snipfeed enables you to offer a discounted first month for subscribers. This attractive incentive can encourage more people to join your exclusive community and experience the value you provide.

Snipfeed's Memberships feature empowers you to connect, engage, and thrive with your audience like never before. We've created a host of resources to help you get started and create a membership that sells.

  1. Guide to getting started with Memberships

  2. Powerful content ideas to create a valuable Membership

  3. Watch the full memberships tutorial

  4. Download Snipfeed's free memberships e-course

Whether you're an influencer, content creator, or a small business owner, this tool offers endless possibilities for nurturing your community, building lasting relationships, and growing your brand. 

Create your membership model today and unlock the true potential of your audience connections with Snipfeed. To start setting up your tiers and dragging in content, head to the Store section of your dashboard.

Start exploring memberships here

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