Meet Jeremiah Delore, a Young Makeup Artist Creating The Community He's Been Seeking


From makeup looks to learning how to stand your ground with negotiating brand deals.

Driven by the lack of Black representation on social media and his desire to connect with a larger and more inclusive community, Jeremiah picked up his phone at the age of 16 and began creating content. Jeremiah mentions that he felt (and still feels) it was important to establish “a community where he could show others that no matter their gender, sexuality, or what background [they came from], everyone [would feel empowered] to be able to express themselves and express their beauty.”

To date, the comment sections of Jeremiah’s TikTok and Instagram are filled with positive affirmations and exchanges. From questions on how he pulled off a certain style to praise for his bold choices and artistic talent — I’d say it’s safe to say that Jeremiah is well on his way to creating the community he once set out to find.

Growing up as a creative child, Jeremiah loved singing, photography, and painting. And later during high school, Jeremiah became further interested in makeup, especially when he saw the girls in his class begin to express themselves with cosmetics. He admired how makeup created illusions on their faces and was struck by the level of artistry required for a full look. Using his artistic skills he learned growing up, Jeremiah started putting his talent into makeup looks and began posting makeup tutorials on social media. As Jeremiah became more and more experienced with makeup artistry, this pursuit quickly developed into a passion, giving him satisfaction by how “therapeutic and fulfilling” the process is.

Jeremiah’s fiery Valentine’s Day inspired look

Jeremiah began monetizing through videos after landing his first brand deal with Mented Cosmetics, eventually beginning a trickle-down effect as other brands began to reach out. However, despite working with a significant amount of brands, occasionally some of them fell through — whether it was due to budget changes, initial fees, or other reasons. But this hasn’t stopped the talented makeup artist from moving forward and working on several major campaigns with big brands. As Jeremiah says, “know the value behind your artistry and what you have to bring to the table. That’s what’s important.” He always makes sure to negotiate and read contracts correctly, making sure the company also understands his value.

Jeremiah shares, “there is no handbook that aids in telling you what you need to do, therefore there was some trial and error. Many creators low-ball themselves because they do not understand the value they hold or properly associate it with monetizing.” When it comes to monetization opportunities, content creators should always make sure to stand their ground while being kind and professional. Although one opportunity might fall through, that doesn’t mean the door will fully close when it comes to other opportunities. Nowadays, Jeremiah monetizes his content through Tiktok, sponsored posts, paid partnerships, and passive income through Snipfeed.

When it comes to scheduling content creation on social media, Jeremiah notes that it’s important to find what works for you — from either having a routine to create content, going with the flow, or even just identifying your in-between. For him, something in-between has been helpful as it doesn’t restrict him to a certain schedule and allows his creativity to flow– which can clearly be seen through his visionary content.

After being asked about what advice Jeremiah would give to himself when he was just starting out, along with what he would tell other emerging creators, he pauses and responds: “[Remember] it is okay to ask questions and reach out to people who act as resources. Be yourself and listen to your heart, that’s the most important thing for younger artists and creatives.”

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