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Let’s hit refresh…


So we got a new look.

With hundreds of thousands of creators all over the world choosing to build their businesses on Snipfeed, we’ve never felt more excited about the mission before us — to economically empower creators with all sized followings, so that more people can spend their days doing what fulfills them most.

That being said, we took a step back and realized that our website and brand visuals didn’t properly reflect our “Turn your Passion into your Profession” ethos that our mission statement put forward, nor did our brand feel adequate to serve the immense ambition of our product and community. So we roped in the incredibly talented London-based Studio NARI and started brainstorming.

While brainstorming, we concluded that challenging the 9-5 with our monetization platform was just one element of the story we wanted to tell. With our new identity, we wanted to reflect the infinite possibilities that one unlocks once they’ve taken the first step of signing up to Snipfeed. So, with this in mind, we got to work.

Meet Snipfeed 2.0

With our rebrand, we’ve worked to build brand equity around this idea of life without limits — and signal this focus with assets like the sky background that lies behind the homepage of our new site. We paired this background with a logotype that has a magnet-like structure, linking to the idea of manifestation and those dream-big moments. 

At the bottom of the page, a metallic version of our logo floats through the air as chrome has become a part of our textural brand palette, nodding to our monetization capabilities. A bright eclectic color palette reflects the vibrant and diverse energy of our community. Small quirks humanize the new brand as well and add a sense of discovery — try hovering over the logo! With this rebrand, details were everything. We aimed to capture a limitless universe, filled with discovery and a sense of possibility.

We’re grateful to everyone that has brought this new identity to life, an identity that we believe accurately represents the collective individuals that make us Snipfeed, from our creators to our team to our investors. 

Studio NARI, you all are nothing short of genius.

A new chapter

In many ways, this rebrand feels like a new chapter for Snipfeed — particularly as it’s being launched around the same time as the announcement of Snipfeed Pro, our new premium offering built for creators looking to take their business to the next level. With a brand that’s visually aligned with our mission and a new offering that supports creators’ entrepreneurial ambitions unlike any option on the market, we’re pretty thrilled for what’s to come.

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