Coming up with content that sells: steps to start monetizing on Snipfeed


Follow the 6 tried and tested steps to coming up with digital offerings that sell and earning a passive income on Snipfeed.

Generating content that resonates with your followers can be challenging, but with the right social strategy and creative thinking, you can make your products stand out from the crowd. Read on to follow Snipfeed's step-by-step guide to help you come up with valuable offerings for your followers, meaning you can start earning a passive income quickly and easily.

Step 1: Check out other creators in your niche 

Once you know who your target audience is, it’s time to research other creators killing it in your space. What kind of content are they creating or sharing? What topics do they cover? 

Knowing what’s already out there can help you come up with ideas for content that has your own unique spin on it. This in turn will help you build an engaged audience that will connect with your exclusive products and offerings.

Step 2: Understand your community 

The most important step for you is to identify your audience. Think about the ages, interests, and values of your online community. This will help you create exclusive products and offerings that are tailored to their interests and needs. 

UGC expert @httpsean creates content that inspires and guides her audience to start earning on social media. Sean pays close attention to the content her community engage with most and utilizes monetization features such as 1:1 tutorial calls, exclusive guides, and templates to help other creators build a successful career online.

The monetization features httpsean features on her Snipfeed pageHow httpsean monetizes on Snipfeed

Step 3: Use Snipfeed's page customization to match your branding 

Visuals are incredibly powerful when it comes to selling on social media. Ensure your Snipfeed page design matches your personal branding across your social channels. Think about colors, fonts, and styles. 

A custom domain is also a good idea to make your branding consistent, make purchases simple for fans, plus increase your ranking on search engines. Your Snipfeed page is your one-stop-shop and personal branded website.

Watch the video here to learn how to claim and set up a custom domain for your Snipfeed page.

Setting up a custom domain for your Snipfeed pageWatch this video to learn how to set up your Snipfeed custom domain

Step 4: Nail your promotion on socials

Followers are more likely to visit and make purchases on your Snipfeed when you publish promotional content that feels authentic and genuine. Try to create content that’s relatable and speaks to the needs and interests of your followers - focus on your niche and topics your followers engage with.

Find out more ways to promote on social media here.

Snipfeed tip: having your Snipfeed page URL discoverable across all your social platforms is crucial. When you mention your products and offerings in your content, all followers have to do is find the link in your bio and tap to purchase.

Add your Snipfeed page to your social media bio link areaSnipfeed link in bio

Step 5: Figure out your pricing

When you’re starting out, it’s challenging to figure out what your audience can afford and will be willing to pay. Try offering digital products and services for a lower cost to encourage first time purchases, then followers will be more likely to invest in your more expensive price points once they have built trust and know the value of your offerings. You can also add promotions and mark downs on a selection of your products for a limited amount of time to create urgency and FOMO.

Click here to see how @itsalreadyyours does it.

How Madison England (@itsalreadyyours) prices her Snipfeed page offeringsMadison England (Itsalreadyyours) on pricing strategy

Step 6: Focus on value 

Finally, focus on creating content that offers value to your followers. People are more likely to buy content that provides them with useful information, is interactive, or will offer up a solution to a challenge they're facing.

Click the video here to see @xeniamherrera‘s top tips for focusing on value below. 

@xeniamherrera's tips for creating products that aim to solve a challenge your community facesxeniamherrera's tips for solving a problem with your Snipfeed products

Our last tip: the great thing about building a community on social media is that your following (no matter what size it is) cares about your content and what you have to offer. Nail what it is you think they care about and your product offering opportunities are limitless.

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