Get your audience invested: our guide to creating Memberships that sell


To help you start maximizing community engagement and recurring revenue with the new Memberships feature, we've compiled some valuable tips so you can create packages that sell.

In this guide, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about creating your online membership; from figuring out your different membership tiers, adding content, creating packages that sell, and retaining your subscribers over time. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. What is the Memberships feature? 

  2. Why create a membership?

  3. Steps for getting started with Memberships

  4. Creating your membership & creating tiers 

  5. Selling your membership

  6. Adding value to your membership: content ideas

1) What is the Memberships feature? 

For your audience, signing up for a membership with you on a recurring basis signifies a deeper level of engagement and commitment. It's an invitation to become an integral part of your community, where members gain access to a curated world of exclusive content and services. 

This connection extends beyond casual followership, fostering a sense of belonging and a more personalized experience. Implement tiered memberships, each offering varying levels of benefits, to cater to their diverse community, allowing members to choose the tier that aligns with their interests and budget. 

…And you can do it all with Snipfeed. Read about the new feature here.

2) Why create a membership on Snipfeed?

Incorporate Snipfeed's membership feature into your content strategy and unlock a world of possibilities for your online presence. Elevate your connection with your audience, scale effortlessly, and gain a deeper understanding of your customers' needs. 

Let's uncover the reasons why selling your services via a Snipfeed membership makes perfect sense:

  • Exclusive Content Access

The most successful Snipfeed creators will provide multiple membership tiers. Some content is available to your most basic tiers, while some resources and perks are reserved exclusively for higher paying members. This exclusivity enhances the overall experience for subscribers, making them feel valued and engaged.

  • Effortless scalability and business growth

Unlike traditional models, Snipfeed's memberships simplify scaling your business. It's a matter of attracting more subscribers to your services. 

The key is to demonstrate the value even in your most basic subscription offer. The beauty: your workload remains consistent, whether you have one subscriber or a thousand.

  • Predictable Monthly Revenue

Opting for a Snipfeed subscription model brings financial clarity. You know precisely how many people will be paying you each month, making it easier to predict your income. 

This enables you to focus on attracting new customers without worrying about cash flow. Plus, offering an annual membership option allows you to collect a substantial sum upfront.

  • Enhanced Customer Insights

Data analysis is a crucial skill for any business owner, and Snipfeed provides you with valuable customer insights. Understanding your customers' behaviors is key to keeping them satisfied and attracting new ones. 

By knowing the most popular service purchase month or preferred tiered offerings, you can make informed decisions to improve your overall offering and enhance the customer experience.

3) 7 steps to getting started with Memberships

1. Understand Your Audience:

Before diving into creating membership tiers and exclusive content, it's crucial to understand your audience's needs and preferences. Consider conducting surveys or asking for feedback to tailor your offerings to what your community truly desires.

2. Tier your memberships thoughtfully:

Snipfeed's Memberships lets you create multiple tiers. Use this feature wisely. Offer different levels of access and perks, catering to various levels of commitment, budget, expertise and enthusiasm among your followers. 

3. Create valuable, exclusive content:

The key to retaining members is offering content they can't find elsewhere. Whether it's behind-the-scenes insights, in-depth tutorials, or special access to your creative process. We’ll touch on valuable content ideas later on.

4. Engage with personalized interactions:

Memberships allow for more personal interactions with your subscribers. Leverage this by hosting Q&A sessions, member-only webinars, or one-on-one consultations. Engaging with your audience on a personal level strengthens their connection with your brand. We’ll discuss this further later on in the guide.

5. Maintain consistency, keep it fresh and flexible

Snipfeed's Memberships offer the flexibility to change and add offerings over time. Keep your site fresh by periodically introducing new content or events to maintain interest and excitement.

To keep members invested, maintain a consistent schedule for delivering content and hosting events. Your audience should know when to expect new, exciting offerings.

Tip: Notify your members for each tier by segmenting your audience in Marketing Funnels and sending notification messages via SMS or email.

6. Offer discounts to attract new subscribers *coming soon

To kickstart your membership site, consider offering a discounted first month to attract new subscribers. This can encourage those who are on the fence to take the leap and join your community

7. Monitor and adjust:

Use the analytics and feedback tools on Snipfeed to monitor the performance of your memberships. Pay attention to what's working and what's not, and be ready to adjust your offerings based on subscriber preferences.

*Take note of what your members are asking for and discussing in your community groups and servers (FYI, a community space is a huge bonus. Think about creating one).

4) Selling your membership 

Don't forget to market your membership package. Use your existing social media channels, email lists, and promotional strategies to let your audience know about the exciting benefits of joining your community.

Here’s a few ideas for promoting your membership:

  • Highlight your value: When you’re creating your tiers, pay special attention to your description boxes. Clearly communicate the unique benefits and value of each membership tier. Explain how each tier caters to specific needs and offers distinct advantages to help potential members choose the best fit for them. Use the Product Description Droid on the AI desk to help.

  • Create Compelling Content Teasers: Share teasers of your exclusive content on your public platforms. These teasers can pique the interest of your existing audience and entice them to become members to access the full content.

  • Promote Exclusivity: Emphasize the exclusivity of your membership community. People are drawn to exclusive access and the feeling of being part of a select group. Use language that reinforces this sense of belonging.

  • Leverage Social Proof *coming soon*: Showcase testimonials and success stories from current members who have benefited from their membership on your socials and encourage members to leave reviews after purchase. Toggle on the subscriber count for potential members to get FOMO. 

  • Limited-Time Offers: Create a sense of urgency by offering limited-time promotions, discounts, or bonuses for new members who join during a specific period and drive immediate action.

    *You can send through promo codes and exclusive offerings via email or SMS using Marketing Funnels, where you can segment your members by tier easily.

  • Email Marketing: Send targeted email campaigns to your existing audience, highlighting the benefits of your membership tiers and encouraging them to join. Personalized emails can be highly effective in converting interested followers into paying members.

  • Offer a Free Trial *coming soon*: Provide a limited-time free trial for your lower-tier memberships. This gives potential members a taste of the exclusive content and services they'll receive, making them more likely to commit to a paid membership once they see the value.

  • Upsell using automated workflows: Put customers onto your memberships after they purchase something from your Snipfeed page. An email showcasing your membership and tiers is the perfect follow up: “Want more content like this? Become a member and receive X, Y, Z”.

5) Content ideas for adding value to your membership 

We’ve created a separate guide to help you get started with creating your content and filling up your content tiers ready for your members once they sign up. There’s also tips in there for recurring content to add on a regular basis. Check it out here.

By applying these tips and making the most of Snipfeed's Memberships feature, you can create a successful membership site that not only engages your audience but also helps you monetize your content effectively.

Remember, it's all about understanding your audience, offering value, and fostering a sense of community to make your membership site a resounding success.

Get started with the memberships feature and explore it's capabilities here.

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