Powerful content ideas for a valuable membership


Follow this guide to discover effective ways you can leverage Snipfeed’s monetization features and other online tools to provide valuable perks and content for your membership packages.

Once you have set your membership tiers and figured out what kind of value and price point you want to offer for each - it’s time to start creating content. Here’s our guide to providing an irresistible package of products and benefits. 

Want to find out more about the memberships feature? Find out how it works here and follow our steps to getting started.

There’s a ton of ways to offer value with your membership and keep your members active. Here's what we'll cover in this guide: 

  1. Save time creating memberships content

  2. Personal interactions and service based perks 

  3. Community hosting: choosing the right platform

  4. Exclusive content ideas

  5. Discounts and exclusivity

1) First, here’s how to save time creating membership content:

Creating a membership package is not as complicated as it sounds, and there’s no need for you to spend hours creating digital products from scratch. 

It’s likely you’ve already got an entire host of valuable services and digital products on your storefront - so why not repurpose those offerings and add them to your membership package? The only difference between your membership and a digital product bundle is your members are signing up to receive value on a regular basis. 

Repurpose, reuse, repackage. Add your existing ebooks, video guides, templates, resources, and more. 

*note: make sure you create new exclusive content, too. You’ll need to offer premium content that is not available to non-members. There’s guidance on that below.

2) Personal interactions and service based perks

Building a sense of community among your members is just as important as the exclusive content. Encourage interactions between members, host member meet-ups, and foster a sense of belonging.

Use Snipfeed tools to offer personalized services

You can do this using monetization features right within your Snipfeed account. Create specific offerings only for members and keep them hidden on your page. Copy the link, then share it with your members. There’s three ways to share with your members:

  1. Paste in your 1:1 booking/ Q&A/ Event links into SMS or email messages send exclusively to your members. Make sure each of your membership offerings are marked FREE - or add a promo code to your email only for members.

  2. Add your private service based links to a PDF document and drag it into the relevant tiers. That way, members can download your content and book via the link.

  3. Share your services links in your private community spaces (skip to next section)

Interactive service ideas:

  • Livestream feature

Host webinars or workshops: Organize webinars or workshops exclusively for your members. These events can serve as a valuable incentive for potential members and an opportunity to showcase your expertise.

Host Q&A sessions: Host live Q&A sessions where you answer questions from your audience and discuss the benefits of your memberships. This interactive approach can help address any doubts and build excitement.

Organize in-person member events: use the livestream feature to organise IRL events as well as online ones. This way, you can see who plans to attend by encouraging members to RSVP. 

  • Q&A feature

You might decide to dedicate an hour of your time a week (for example) answering your community’s questions using video, audio, or text. You could also use the Q&A feature to accept suggestions from your members. 

  • 1:1 feature 

For your higher priced tiers, you might include a service whereby you meet with members one on one as part of the package. Choose how often you’d like to open up your calendar. Create a new 1:1 calendar link each month and share it by email with your tier members.

3) Community hosting: choosing the right platform

Integrating your membership within a community framework will cultivate dedicated customers who anticipate and willingly invest in you. 

Your members will be willing to pay not only for top-notch content but also for the opportunity to engage with fellow members. This interaction will nurture enduring relationships within your community, ultimately boosting their lifetime value.

Do this by setting up specific spaces for your audience once they join your membership, like:

  • a Discord server

  • a Slack Channel

  • or even a private Facebook page. 

Invite members to your private community space by sending an invite link as soon as they join. You can automate an invite email via your Snipfeed Marketing Hub for specific tiers (or for all membership subscriptions). 

Ways to keep your community space active:

  • Member Meetups: Organize in-person or virtual meetups for members

  • Member Challenges: Host creative challenges or contests exclusively for members

  • Special Voting Rights: Let members vote on content decisions or project directions

  • Sending personalized content: record videos directed towards your members and send them directly to your members space

4) Exclusive Content:

Providing exclusive content is the key to not only attracting members but also keeping them engaged and committed. By offering something special and unique, you create a sense of belonging and value that encourages members to stick around. 

Let's explore some ideas to leverage the power of exclusive content in your membership community:

  • Early access: get ahead of the game

One of the most enticing perks you can offer your members is early access to your content. Give them a sneak peek before the rest of the world gets to see it. This can include blog posts, videos, podcasts, or any content you create. Early access builds excitement and keeps your members coming back for more.

  • Premium members-only content

Creating content that's exclusively available to your members is a surefire way to make them feel special. Whether it's in-depth articles, videos, or resources, this premium content adds significant value to your membership.

  • Super in-depth resources

Delve deep into your expertise and provide resources that go the extra mile. Members join your community to learn and grow, so give them comprehensive guides, research, or tools that they won't find elsewhere.

  • Sharing secrets: what you don’t talk about on socials

Offer an inside look at your knowledge and experiences that you might not share on your public social platforms. Members will appreciate the intimate, behind-the-scenes insights that make them feel like part of an exclusive club.

  • Tutorials and workshops

Members often seek to enhance their skills. Create in-depth tutorials or workshops that cater to their interests and needs. This interactive content can provide real value and a sense of community learning.

  • Downloadable resources

Provide downloadable templates, guides, or resources that your members can use to apply your knowledge and recommendations. Practical tools like these make your membership more valuable.

  • Sneak peeks: a glimpse of what's to come

Give your members a preview of upcoming projects, releases, or events. Building anticipation and excitement is a great way to keep them engaged and eager to see what's next.

  • Behind the scenes content

Peel back the curtain and share what happens behind the scenes. Whether it's your creative process, the setbacks you've faced, or the triumphs you've celebrated, this kind of content humanizes your brand and creates a deeper connection with your members. 

Another great idea: offer virtual tours or insights into your workspace. This can help members understand your work environment and the inspiration behind your creations.

Lastly, share the lighter side of your work with bloopers and outtakes. Everyone loves a good laugh, and this type of content can be a fun and engaging addition to your membership.

  • Work-in-progress content

Show your work's evolution from start to finish. Members can gain insights into your creative process and see how your projects develop over time.

  • Exclusive merchandise

Offer unique merchandise that's only available to your members. Branded merchandise can not only promote your community but also foster a sense of belonging and pride among your members.

5) Discounts and Exclusivity:

Discounts and exclusivity are powerful tools to enhance your membership offerings.

Not only do they make your members feel valued, but they also provide them with tangible benefits that keep them engaged and enthusiastic about being a part of your community.

Let's explore how you can leverage discounts and exclusivity to elevate your membership experience:

  • Discounts and promo codes: save while you enjoy

Everyone loves a good deal! Provide your members with discounts on your Snipfeed offerings, merchandise, or other products you're affiliated with. This not only saves your members money but also encourages them to explore more of what you have to offer.

  • Event tickets: be first in line

Give your members early or discounted access to events, webinars, or workshops you host. This provides them with a front-row seat to your expertise and creates a sense of exclusivity that's highly appealing.

  • Collaborative opportunities: team up for success

Collaboration is a powerful way to engage your top-tier members. Consider working on exclusive projects with them, tapping into their skills, and offering them opportunities they won't find elsewhere.

  • Exclusive giveaways: reward and delight

Host member-exclusive giveaways or contests in your community forums. These special promotions can create excitement and reward your members for their loyalty. It's a fun and interactive way to keep them engaged.

Ready to get started? There's more guidance to help you hit the ground running and start selling your membership below.

  1. Download Snipfeed's free e-course

  2. Watch the full memberships tutorial

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